If only we all could just walk into a store and pick out an outfit and be happy with it, dress shopping would be a breeze and life would be so much easier. But for most of us, shopping for clothes can be a burden at times. Ever stood in front of a mirror in a fitting room, feeling dejected, staring at all those wonderful clothes you want but don’t fit? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Finding an outfit that embraces your body and celebrates all your beautiful features at the same time sounds like a fairytale to most of us. The last time that probably happened was when our parents bought us baby clothes. Overcoming the challenge of finding good-looking clothes that fit might sound impossible. But it’s not, and here are some tips on how you can find pieces that work best with your body.

Your body shape

Choosing the right clothes is a whole lot easier when you know the shape of your body and what kind of clothes best fit it. Most women fall into four categories when it comes to body shapes, they are; apple-shaped, pear-shaped, rectangular and hourglass shaped. If you’ve ever wanted to try on a beautiful blouse or skirt you saw on a mannequin but it ended up looking less than pretty on you, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with your body shape. It just means that you’re not dressing according to your body shape. For example, if you have an apple shaped body, plus size dresses Australia with an A-line will work wonders on you. Other pieces such as wrap dresses and empire waisted dresses are examples of clothes that will draw attention away from your waist or mid-section.


Your dress shouldn’t have to carry all the burden of making you look good. Accessories, when done right, also have the ability to enhance your favorite features and make you look good. A person with a pear-shaped body can match scarves or colorful necklaces to go with plus size maxi dresses to nail that evening party look while highlighting their shoulders in order to balance the shape of their figure. If, however, you don’t have natural or prominent curves (a rectangular body shape) you can wear a belt or an empire waist top to create a curvy look and accentuate the waist area.

Love yourself

Buying all the clothes and matching accessories in the world wouldn’t matter if you don’t love yourself and feel confident in your own skin. While social media and the fashion industry creates pressure on every woman to look a certain way, it shouldn’t make you want to hate yourself and take extreme measures to live up to the ridiculous standards set by them. The key to looking good in any outfit is feeling confident. You could wear whatever you want and if you feel confident in it, the world will take notice and see you for who you are- a beautiful, confident woman.