Almighty has made every single animal and human different, in a different way and with different attributes. Animals are unique and possess some seriously different set of skills, which makes them usable under different circumstances. Dogs are hiring in army to sniff, detect and identify suspicious activities plus provide security to the human soldiers. Elephants due to huge body participate in wars, lifting heavy loads etc. Same is the case with horses, horses are considered as the most loyal friend of human plus due to the athleticism, and they are used for races and earning. Different breeds are there for specific purposes. Let’s discuss some famous breeds of horses: 

Arabian: the distinctive feature of this breed is the head, unique thin from the nose side is the identification of an Arabian horse breed. One of the oldest breeds generally known because of endurance and willpower. In terms of discipline, saddle seat and athletic physique are some common attributes of this breed. 

Quarter Horse: this is an American breed of a horse, considered as the most famous one in USA. This breed is registered as the largest breed in the world. Extremely fastest speed of this breed over short distances make this breed suitable for Quarter race. Barrel racing, roping and to make hunts this breed is considered as the most favorable. But for short distances this breed is considered as a ‘Ferrari’ 

Tennessee walker: the cutest breed among horses with curly hairs (a distinctive feature of this horse). During 18th century this breed was developed by Southern UN this breed was used on Farms and for normal purpose. For long distance riding, pleasure mounts and show class horses. 

Morgan: usually an aggressive and brave breed of a Race horse auctions in Melbourne. Versatility, small stature but extremely fast and strong are some common attributes of this breed which makes it even more desirable for races and war zones. This breed is considered as the state animal of Vermont. 

Appaloosa: colorful coat patterned skin, generated by Nez Perce Native American Tribe. Independent, tough, sure foot, huge bodies and shiny tails are identification of such kinds. Often used for pleasure mounts and are great for this purpose. 

Miniature Horse: developed in 1600s. There are some strict requirements related to height the horse must fall under 34 and 39 inches measured from the last hair of the mane. Due to tiny height they are neither considered among ponies nor in horses. They used to keep this breed as a pet in houses and to make them work in coal areas. 

Other than the above mentioned there are so many breeds of horses, which cannot be discussed in a short span of time. Horses are considered as the most intelligent and tough animal can be used for so many purposes. For more information, please log on to race-horses (1)