There is no doubt that your loved ones will always remain in your memory even if they are not alive in this world. You tend to remember them once in a while and think about the sweet memories you shared with them. You also do offer prayers and shower your love on their tombs during their birth and death anniversaries at least. Well, if you are looking to pay a written tribute to show your love and affection to your loved ones who have died, then there is no better option than getting a beautiful epitaph written on their tombs. There are a lot of services in and around Australia that offer quality customized epitaph inscriptions on the tombs of your loved ones.

Significance of memorial inscriptions

The inscriptions on the tombs have been a death ritual for thousands of years now. Earlier, it was the rocks, woods, flowers, and sticks that were used to mark the grave of the dead. Nowadays, there are custom memorial stones placed on the tomb or at the front where the head of the buried person is resting. The inscriptions written on these stones have come a long way beyond the ‘Rest in Peace’ or “In Remembrance Of”. These days’ people even write the major achievements of the dead person on their tomb and many loving quotes from the family member’s side. The headstone engraving often includes the dead person’s name, birth and death date, and maybe a prose piece from the Bible.

Types of inscription used

There are no set rules on the kind of writings that you can do on the gravestones of your beloved ones. You can make full use of the space of the tomb to pour your heart out in the form of writing and this is one way of showing others how much you care and love the departed soul. The main aim of engraving on the tomb is to bring to light the humble deeds of the person and to show the kind of bondage that the deceased and the living members enjoyed between them. Mostly, the writing on the memorials has to be the personal choice of the family member or the person. Click here for more info on Melbourne memorials.

How to choose epitaph?

The engravings have to be short and concise to the point. It should be limited to a few meaningful lines that convey strong feelings. It can be in the first person and can even target the passersby. You can always get inspirations from poems, Bible, literature and write a meaningful inscription that talks more about the person and his or her good deeds in a poetic manner.