A person remains thankless towards the blessings he has unless he gets to know the importance of things present in his life. These blessings can be in any form, it can be in the form of family, friends, health, money, etc. But we do not value them unless we loses it. Lets take an example of health which is one of the biggest blessings that has been bestowed upon us but we do not value it unless we get affected with any illness or disorder. Like we have eyes but we get to know it’s importance when our eyesight weakens. Similarly, we have legs with knee joints perfectly placed but when we feel pain we get to know about their importance. Fortunately, there is a treatment for almost every disease or disorder like knee replacement Melbourne, hip surgery, cardio treatment, etc.

Knee pains:

If a person is in severe knee pain which results in the hindrance of his daily work, even while resting constant pain keeps happening and does not get better with medication as well, then this is alarming situation and it needs to be operated. Surgery in which knee joint inflammation is operated is known as knee replacement.

Knee replacement:

In robotic knee replacement surgery, firstly orthopedic surgeon removes the damaged cartilage and bone from the knee. Then metal pieces are attached at the end of the joint bones. After that surgeon places plastic between those metal pieces which allows the smooth movement of knee joints. It takes two to three hours for this surgery to be completely operated. It can heal in two to three days but it takes four to five months to completely recover depending upon the will and condition of patient. Even though it is a painful procedure but once it’s done it relieves the patient from constant  severe pains.

Doctors are known as demi-gods as after God they are the only ones who can cure the health disorders. Doctors are further categorized according to their specialization like dentists who treats teeth, oncologists who tries to cure cancer, cardiologists who specializes in heart, orthopedics who operates bones and joints, etc.  Melbourne based orthopedic surgeon dr. David Slattery is internationally recognized surgeon and is highly experienced. He specializes in operating hip, pelvic and knee joints. His motto is to get you back on your feet.


Health is a greatest blessing that has been bestowed upon us but we do not get to realize it’s importance unless we face health issues ourselves. We use our knees daily while walking, running, exercising, sitting even while resting our knees are mostly bent and are in use but when we find difficulty in moving them we get to know their value. When we feel severe pain on our knee joints and feels the need of knee surgery because medication does not work anymore then knee replacement surgery is done. In this surgery plastic is placed between knee joint which allows the smooth movement of knees.