A party sounds fun and great, but the best celebration must be planned well. Thus, event planners are such a thing. However, you too can plan your epic party on your own (and also you are going to cut cost if you do it on your own). It may sound so tedious but don’t worry because we got you covered with some pointers and some helpful tips that can boost your party planning skills and being the best host ever will be a piece of cake (especially for birthday parties, get it?)

Conceptualize and options, options, options

The first step to anything is to have a solid plan. What party do you intend to do? What for? Who are invited? Where will it take place? It is not really necessary that you have definite answers to these important decisions, however, you should already have some ideas before you begin. List some several options, or seek some suggestions from friends. List it all down.

The venue and the time

Among your list of options for your party, among the important things to consider is the setting of your party: the where and when. So if you don’t know where to begin, start with the place. Do you plan to host it in your house, or on your garage or backyard? How about renting a place for extra special events? Look for function venues that are accessible and convenient for your guests. If you intend on a resort, make sure they have enough parking spaces for all attendees. But if you are looking for function halls, make sure they can provide the things you need: sound and light systems, food containers, and a bar, among others. The time also has to be perfect, but usually do it on a weekend night like Fridays or on the eve of holidays so people can truly unleash their party souls.


Now, we talk about how much of everything, the costs and the guests included. How much do you intend to spend on that party? That is one way to budget. You identify your total allocation and then break it down to the expenditures. The other way is to list down what are needed and approximate quantity and costs, and then sum it all. If you think the budget is too much, then you make some adjustments. But you can only budget with a particular estimate of number of guests in mind.

The guests list

Upon listing down the party needs, like food and drinks, you should have an idea who will come to your party, and an allowance for their plus ones. Make adjustments if needed, and always be mindful of your list. Be sure that every person in your list gets your invitation. They can also respond with your invite so you can still adjust things if need be. However, if you are planning a surprise party, make sure that the guests are aware that it is a surprise, and that they could keep the secret to themselves, otherwise they might spoil the surprise.

Ask for help from friends

Not only is the party itself a time to bond with your friends, but also the preparation of everything. So grab some of your closest peers and pals and time to decorate the place, prepare or hire cocktail bar, make the food, or set the mood. Sure is party planning a party already in itself!