The tiles have become one of the major bills of material for the construction project.  Now, no building can be complete without tiles. You like tiles or not, but there are certain areas in the building that will need tilings. It can be indoor or outdoor, tiles play an important role in the outlook of any building. Rather the building is commercial, residential or services, they all have the different application of tiles. Usually selecting the indoor tiles are easier than outdoor. Because outdoor tiles have gone through certain extreme conditions, whereas the indoor tiles are protected from it.

Whenever you have to select the outdoor tiles in Adelaide, serious consideration needs to be given to the following factors.


The outdoor tiles have to face every weather. Rather it is sunny or rainy, the tiles must withstand the variation in weather. The natural stone material like marble and slate, are usually the top contenders for outdoor tiles. But they have an absorption rate for water, this means they are not suitable for rainy regions. As water content will weaken the tiles in the longer run. Not only this, but the exposure of sunlight will also fade the colours of natural stone. Whereas not all manmade tiles material is suitable like terracotta also have the same quality as of marble and slate. Instead, porcelain can withstand the water and sunlight for longer, this makes them the ideal choice for outdoor tiles. This means when you have to select the outdoor tiles, the material must be selected not because of its look and feel, but by keeping the climate in mind.


The tiles can become slippery when they are wet. This problem is the same for indoor and outdoor tiles. For outdoor tiles, as they have to cover a larger area, the material needs to dry off quickly. Natural material likes marble and travertine are highly slippery and same goes for porcelain and ceramic. To solve this problem, it is better to choose manmade material over natural stones for outdoor tiles, because natural stones cannot be altered but in manmade, there is the material with high slip resistance ratings. As the manmade material can be altered. Many anti-slip coatings that can be applied to the tiles to improve the friction coefficient. 

Colour Scheme:

The same effort must be done for selecting the right colour scheme of outdoor tiles, as you have given for indoor tiles. Because if you will not be able to choose the synchronize colour for outdoor tiles. They will jeopardize the theme of your building. Try to select such colours, that if they get faded after some time, they can still go along well. Because you don’t want to be polishing your tiles after every short interval. See this post to find out more details.