Aseptic tank is an underground tank made of plastic or fiberglass through which wastewater flows. Mostly they are used in rural areas where there is no sewerage systems. The term septic comes from its ability to create an aerobic environment to mineralize and decompose the waste in the water to flow clean water. The solids settled at the bottom then the water flows into second chamber for further purification and clean water flows out of the chamber. Let’s look at the advantages of planting a septic tank and why is it necessary in rural areas.

Environmentally Friendly

Sewerage pipes sometimes starts leaking when they get really old and hence raw sewage leaks through them and contaminate the clean water on the ground. As a septic tank system is different from a normal sewer system it doesn’t leak and also uses a natural purification filter system to keep the environment clean and pollution free.


A septic anaerobic tank system is really cost effective as compared to regular sewerage system as it doesn’t involves installing multiple pipes.  It completely eradicates public water bills cutting the overall cost in the long run.


There is no need of high maintenance of these rainwater tanks in adeliade every month or every year. The pumping of septic tanks is all you need, that too every three to five years. Besides that regular cleaning will do just fine and will keep your tank in a favourable condition.


concrete lid for septic tank in adeliade depending upon your usage easily passes 20 to 40 years without any major problem, so once you install it in your area you need not to worry too much about the life span and high profile maintenance of the tank.


Septic tanks have self-filtration systems, so no need to rely your trust on any external sewer or water treatment system. In case of any issue, just contact the nearest septic plumbing service to get it fixed as soon as possible to get the benefits of it right away.

Advantages of having a septic tank system are ideal for most homeowners. Especially living in the area where a normal sewerage system is not available like rural areas and villages this septic tank system are ideal to install to purify water and decomposes waste providing fresh and clean water to the environment, the cost effectively of these tanks can get you these tanks installed anywhere you want without having to worry about its maintenance as well.