Most people are not comfortable with the thought of having surgeries, and of course, who would be comfortable in getting under the knife. However, nowadays due to the rapid developments in technology, extremely difficult surgeries which were once only a hypothesis can now be performed seemingly easily. Not only have doctors managed to minimize the pain during surgical treatments with the help of anaesthetics but by undergoing surgeries such as robotic assisted hip replacement people have also reported that they feel like a new person due to how successful it was.  

Whether it is due to years of overuse and neglecting your body or just aging if you are facing problems with your hip and have given up hope then it might be too early to give up. Most of the times we neglect the signs of fatigue our body tries to tell us and we end up making the injury even worst. So if you are facing the following signs then it might just be an indication that you need to visit an orthopaedic surgeon to receive surgical intervention in order to restore the quality back to your life. 


Every now and then some part of our body may feel stiff, that does not necessarily mean that it needs surgical intervention. It might just be due to poor posture. However, if your hips have been feeling stiff too often especially every morning when you wake up then it might be a sign that there is something wrong with your daily activities, if changing them does not make you feel better then rather than prolonging it the smarter decision would be to visit an orthopaedic surgeon in Gold coast to properly find out the reason for stiffness. 

Damaged Bone 

Hip is one of the most complex and sensitive part of our body, any damage caused to the bone can be extremely difficult to deal with. If you have a damaged hip bone which is only getting worst overtime and your current treatment seems to be ineffective then it might be an indication that you should consider hip replacement surgery in order to ease your pain.  

Effecting Mobility 

If you hip pain is effecting your mobility and it is getting in the way of you performing simple tasks, and decreasing your range of motion as well as making it difficult to sit in the same spot then it is important to consult an orthopaedic surgeon so they can determine whether surgery is required or not, most of the times in the beginning physical therapy and care is recommended. However, if this does not help then surgery may be a viable option. Joint Injuries are a part of life but dealing with them can always be frustrating that is why make sure that if your bodies are showing you a sign of an injury, you listen to it and make an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon so they can properly diagnose the cause and determine the course of your treatment. best-surgeon-medical