It is a normal concept that steel is only requirement for industries which used steel stair stringers in their various products. For an example, people thinks that let us say that a company which manufacture car and other vehicles needs steel only because they have to make the car and other vehicle body by or with the help of steel and the end user of it does not requires or need to order a steel.

I think it does not make sense or you must not be clear until now, right? Okay so let us understand first than it become very easy to understand all other things. Suppose you are the end user of a car you just goes in show room and purchase a car of our choice so if you noticed that a car body is made up of steel which means a car is made with 80% of steel and rest other are plastic and other material, right. Stick here with me let me go ahead. So now you think that there is no point for you to order steel because you do not have anything to do with steel right because the companies which manufacture the car need a steel to make cars. Okay, I agree with you at this point but now let us come back that there is no point to order steel. 

So let’s say you consult a mechanic who knows how to manufacture a car body so what if you remove the car manufacture company and deals with directly steel manufacturing company, I knew it is not possible but think for a while to just understand the idea, So When you remove the car company than it means you can get the steel on the rate on which a car manufacturing company buys the steel which ultimately means you are savings the third party rates on steel now and when you get your desired steel parts from steel manufacturing company you go to the mechanic to fix it in such a way in which car assembled and one it is done get the engine on it and other parts when you done all this you will notice that you have saved up to hundred per cent of the costing which you are supposes to pay to the car company just because of their good will and just because they are handling these all process.

Well yes I knew it is not a good practice with cars but when you put down the same strategies in many other products which are made with steel and you started to buying steel beams from steel manufacturing companies and let them use in your desired way as you wanted than you will see the big difference in costing because as a normal person we does not notices what are the steel rates we always go to find out the final product and buy it on the given rates we never calculates the costing behind and end up by paying much just for only profit and a product does not cost that much to the seller. So if you are thinking that steel would cost you much so it is not like that actually steel is very cheap even a normal person it is never a term that you must have to be an industrial person to buy the steel from steel manufacturing company you can order a steel for your own residential needs.