We live in the world of technology surrounded by gadgets and marvels of engineering but still, the prime need of every human is food. All human has managed to excel because they have enough to eat, the food supply has been the critical lifeline of human growth and development. No society can grow if they are facing a food shortage and this has been true even in today’s world. This means the most important industry is still the food industry and the food industry is primarily dependent on agriculture. The world population is approaching 8 billion, this is the highest in human history. The biggest challenge is to feed and provide for this population. If we look deeply, we have made a great leap in agricultural technology because nearly every industry is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. If we look deeply then everything is doing has an impact on agriculture. Here we will discuss some examples for the same.

  • Food Industry: The world revolves around the food industry, which includes food manufacturing, hospitality or others. The basic ingredients for all these industries come from agriculture. This means if agriculture takes the hit, then the current industry will no be able to serve the demands. This is the reason innovation like controlled traffic farming in australia is introduced to speed up production and enhance the yield. Controlled traffic farming helps to fertilize the soil that results in more produce. Because the food demand is on constant increase and methods like controlled traffic farming helps to keep up with the current demand. Because if food supply gets a hit the whole food manufacturing will get a bigger hit. As it’s not food manufacturing but every other associate industry will be affected.
  • Textile Industry: Agriculture not only give us food, but it is the major supplier for the textile industry. The textile industry needs cotton, jute or other materials, that directly comes from the agriculture industry. Now think the demand of textile industry for the whole world, then high-level technology is also needed in agriculture to feed textile sector demands. Machines like john deere 7760 in australia are made to cater to such high demands. The John Deere 7760 is the automated cotton picker that picks the cotton and turns them in round bales for transportation. Machines like John Deere 7760 have made it possible to move the crop from field to factory faster. 

These two industries are just examples of industries that are directly dependent on agriculture. But agriculture itself is the industry that helps to keep people employed and all the produce given by agriculture helps to move the cycle of the economy. The people associated with the process of producing, moving and manufacturing things are getting paid due to the agriculture industry.