towel rails

Towel rails are a feature design for your bathroom that seeks to heat your towels before utilizing them. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and, in some cases, copper are among the materials available for their products. These can be powered by electricity or by hand.

Despite having technical elements, the combination of technology and imagination allows you to create gorgeous and designer models. As a result, you have a lot of options and don’t have to settle for subpar or outdated radiators.

  1. Modern designer towel rails

Designer radiators are available in a range of styles and sizes. They were usually degreased and powder-coated. Although the ladder towel rails in Australia‘ operational temperature is typically 110°C, designer radiators have a slightly lower temperature range. The radiators come in a variety of forms and functions to suit different bathroom sizes. To maximize space in small bathrooms, one variant is constructed with an integrated towel shelf. Another design element that provides room for busy bathrooms is the numerous towel space. The range of color options in designer radiators is not confined to white or black. Rose gold, gold, silver, soft white, jet black etc. are the most popular colors. These trendy towel racks can be used in various rooms of your home in some cases. The designer towels are both fashionable and practical. You can even incorporate some models into your work.

  1. Glass towel rails

Glass radiators combine cutting-edge technology with an attractive frameless design. The glass radiators use infrared technology to provide energy-efficient heat. Infrared heat is absorbed by surface, objects, and people, as opposed to convector heaters, which warm the air, allows the heat to be retained within the space while keeping dust and bacteria to a minimum. The radiators are constructed of toughened safety glass that has been laminated.

  1. Traditional designer towel rails

In classic, traditional, and country design homes, traditional towel rails in Australia mix aesthetic, function, and convenience. Traditional style, sometimes known as old style, can be combined with modern utility. The dual purpose and several material possibilities are an ideal match for your bathroom design.

  1. Electric towel rails

For functioning, electric towers need either an electric cable or a cartridge. The factory-filled types, whether thermostatic or non-thermostatic, resemble ladder towel rails loaded with hot water. The ‘dry electric’ types, on the other hand, are factory filled & come in a variety of styles, from classic well-spaced bars to current elegant single bars.

  1. Flat panel towel rails

Compact radiators are also available for bathrooms, particularly in larger bathrooms; otherwise, flat radiators, which have the same technical specifications as compact radiators but have a flat panel on the outside face, are available. Overall, compact radiators are a choice for bathrooms, particularly large bathrooms; otherwise, flat radiators, which have the same technical specifications as compact radiators but have a flat panel on the outer face, are an alternative.

  1. Ladder towel rails

The ladder towel radiators are available in black, anthracite, chrome, and white finishes. Ladder towel rails are available in different ranges like ‘Pisa, Hamilton, and Independent’. For more information please contact: